AHh Clinic
The thinnest needles and the subtlest manipulations
relieve your pain
The tiny herbs and the simple formula
improve your health
4410 W. 98th Street Circle
Bloomington, MN 55437

Welcome to AHh Natural Medical Center

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AHh stands for Acupuncture and Herbal Healthcare and is established since 2004 by Dr. Pei Chun Chin. It is a home-base Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic in Bloomington focus on treating symptoms from holistic perspectives to improve your health.

At AHh clinic, we provide research and clinic trial proven effective acupuncture and TCM herbal treatments to solve and improve the following conditions:

Vitality and Longevity issues – impotence, low libido, fatigue, depression, postpartum depression, wellness, rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation

Acute Conditions – muscular skeletal injuries/pains, cold, flu, stroke, asthma, allergy, wheezing, Bell’s palsy, trigeminal neuralgia

Chronic Symptoms – autoimmune disorders, digestive discomforts, emotional disturbances (insomnia, depression), PTSD

Specialties or services also offered:

Leech Therapy – inflammation or blood clot due to microsurgery, thrombophlebitis

T2DM and CKD treatment

Acutomology deep-rooted pain, Baker’s cist

Herbal Facial Rejuvenation, Weight reduction

Call Dr. Chin at 952-484-0943 for consultation or make an online booking to schedule your treatment. HIPPA and intake forms can be downloaded. Questions, comments, forms please send to: ahhclinic9@gmail.com

To help you understand what acupuncture is and what is TCM all about, please see the following: “The Science of Acupuncture BBC Documentary Traditional Chinese Medicine.”