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I accompanied my 87 year old mother on an inpatient doctor's procedure. It became apparent that there was a problem. She had gone in to AFIB so severe they could not get a reading. The discussion between the doctor and the nurses was whether to take her by ambulance or car to the hospital six blocks away. After using the acupressure technique Dr. Chin had taught me, I asked the nurses to check the heart rate again. They checked three more times after getting the first 64. Thank you Dr. Chin. You saved my mother the anxiety of a hospital stay, unneeded drugs and potentially much worse.
Jan 10/2012

“My mother’s left foot was injured by a car 30 years ago. She ignored her injury and did not get treatment. 15 years after the accident, the area between her 2nd toe and the back of her left foot became red, swollen and very painful. After X-ray, the doctor said the bone died and surgery was suggested to replace it with a steel bar. The doctor also said that after such surgery, my mother’s left foot would not be able to walk normally. She declined the surgery and only accepted a pair of special shoes. Later, my mother met Dr. Chin at a gathering. Dr. Chin said there was no need to do the bone surgery and he could help. Dr. Chin performed acupuncture treatment. After 1st treatment, my mother was able to walk naturally with no pain. After 2nd treatment, the redness and swelling in her left foot disappeared. After the 3rd treatment, my mother was able to walk long distances with no problem. Thank you Dr. Chin for curing my mother’s old injury!
Kim Ching 10/2012

"My eight month old daughter was about to undergo tear duct surgery when I met Dr Chin at a social function. He advised me that this surgery would leave permanent tear duct scarring and cause life long problems. He told me the problem was not the eye, but the intestine. After five days of herbal treatment, Katherine's eye cleared up and she is a healthy, active five year old today. Thank you Dr. Chin."
Patrick 10/2012

"I hobbled into Dr. Chin's office using a cane and an improvised golf club cane. My knee was in excruciatingly painful. When I left, I was able to walk unaided and the pain was reduced at least 75%. It took a few days to get back to normal, but thanks to Dr. Chin, I was comfortable and walking within an hour."
Bill 10/2012