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About Dr. Pei Chun Chin

Dr. Chin is a Chinese trained and US accredited licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac) and herbalist. He holds a PhD degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from China Academic of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China(中国中医科学院.) His focus of study includes treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and chronic kidney diseases (CKD). Dr. Chin had six years teaching experiences at student clinic in Minnesota College of Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Science University. He is currently practicing acupuncture and TCM both in Minneapolis Minnesota and in the San Francisco Bay Areas California. Dr. Chin also specialized in acutomology and leech therapy.

Dr. Chin completed his acupuncture, herbal, and acupressure training in 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan. He then relocated to the U.S. and received his Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from New England School of Acupuncture in Massachusetts in 2003. After moving to Minnesota, he established his private practice Acupuncture and Herbal Healthcare—Wei Cao Tang since 2004. He is now working with Dr. David Geary at Valley Chiropractic Associates in Burnsville and owns a private practice AHh Clinic in Bloomington Minnesota.

Dr. Chin has extensive work experiences in the acupuncture clinic at Guan An Men hospital, Beijing following acupuncture master Dr. Cong Huo Tian (田从豁) since 2007. He also follow Dr. Ning Zhang(张宁)and Dr. Xi Ming Liu(刘喜明) in T2DM specialty clinics at Wang Jing hospital(望京医院) and Guan An Men hospital(广安门医院) respectively. In addition, he also worked at the School of Life Science and Biotechnology in Shanghai Jiao Tong University focusing on the study of gut microbiota and its relationship with T2DM.

Dr. Chin has accumulated knowledge and successful experiences with medical leech therapy. Medical leech therapy has been used in the modern hospital for micro-surgery, for example, on a re-attached body part on the wounded areas to revive the injured part. It is also used effectively in treating thrombophlebitis (blood clotted vein issues in legs or any part of the body.) He also has numerous successes on acutomology treatments. Acutomology is a very powerful acupuncture technique which is used to elevate a deep rooted muscular-skeletal pain or for example to relieve a swollen knot from Baker’s cist.

Followed by his study and research, Dr. Chin has a few publications: A doctoral dissertation: The Treatment Effects and Symptom Patterns of Diabetic Nephropathy by the Method of Tonifying Qi Yin and Blood 益气养阴活血法干预糖尿病肾病远期疗效及证候变化规律研究. A research article written in Chinese and published in a distinguished TCM research journal (Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, volume 55, number 7, 04/2014): Reversibility of Type 2 Diabetes Taking Intestinal Flora as a Target 以肠道菌群为靶点论2型糖尿病的可逆性. And one research article written in English and published in Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, V34, Issue 2, 03/2015: Assessment of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions and Their Associated Factors in Hospitalized Diabetic Patients.