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Exciting News Read what the National Institute of Health has to say about pain management.

Acupuncture for Pain

Physical pain is a common occurrence for many Americans; in fact, a national survey found that more than one-quarter of U.S. adults had recently experienced some sort of pain lasting more than a day. In addition to conventional treatments, such as over-the-counter and prescription medications, people may try acupuncture in an effort to relieve pain. This fact sheet provides basic information about pain and acupuncture, summarizes scientific research on acupuncture for specific kinds of pain, and suggests sources for additional information.

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Medical leech therapy

A medical application from ancient time to modern era. It is an effective for microsurgery, phlebitis and oozing wounds. Click on the following 2 links to read more information about leech therapy and phlebitis:

Herbal medicines have been used to treat diseases and symptoms for thousands of years in China. A correct prescribed herbal formula can save a patient's life in an emergency situation. In Shang Xi providence, China, Dr. Ke Lee (李可) have accumulated valuable experiences of saving patients' life by giving prescribed raw herb formula.

These herbs are samples
that we use in our clinic.

Most people in the United States have less experience of taking Chinese herbs; however, all herbs that were used in the U.S. have been approved by the FDA. Under a proper instruction of a licensed and experienced herbalist, a correct prescribed herbal formula is safe and has no or less side effect comparing to the western medications. In emperor's court or in a general public's daily life, herbs are commonly used for the various medical purposes such as longevity, preventing diseases and acute symptoms. Chinese herbs and its applications have been used for thousands of years in China and in most part of the Asian countries; lots of herbs were considered as food and cooking ingredients. For example, Job's tear (Coix seeds, Yi Yi Ren) is a common ingredient for dessert and it is an important ingredient in treating T2DM; another example, Adsuki bean (Phaseolus calcaratus Roxb., Chi Xiao Dou) is also used for dessert and it is a very important ingredient in treating edema. Prescribed herbal formula have less or no side effects; it is  not just a skill but a fine art, and it will turn to a life savor when in emergency.

Are you and your children eating too much fat and high calorie food daily? Have you even thought about how to prevent and deal with the T2DM? The article "The past 200 Years in Diabetes" provides some basic idea of telling you how we identify T2DM and how this epidemic situation should be handled. Feel free to download the most recent published article and reconsider your daily diet if T2DM is something that has been  brought to your attention.

Please feel free to download the PDF file regarding the research of the reversal of T2DM.
Reversal of type 2 diabetes normalisation of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver triacylglycerol.pdf  
The past 200 years in diabetes.pdf