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T2DM and Diabetic Chronic Kidney Diseases

Dr. Chin is trained and specialized in treating T2DM and CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). He has successful experiences in treating type 2 diabetes and diabetic chronic kidney disease patients in Beijing and Shanghai. His treatment modality is a holistic approach including tradition Chinese herbal medicine, diet, exercise and acupuncture.

Type 2 Diabetes and diabetic chronic kidney disease have become two major health concerns in the U.S. as well as a worldwide health issue. A scientific research of a reversible type 2 diabetes study has been published in Diabetologia in 2011(see attached research article in news and article section).

Applying traditional Chinese medicine for diabetic kidney disease has also achieved a great accomplishment in China. T2DM and CKD are chronic diseases, a long term commitment including diet, herbal remedies and exercises are important factors for a success treatment. If you have such concerns, please visit AHh Clinic to find out the opportunities to regain your health.

Medical Leech Therapy

leech during the therapy of treating Thrombophlebitis
leeches before therapy

Leech therapy has been existed for hundreds of years and has been widely used by Egyptians and people all over the world for various health conditions. From microsurgery to stagnated vein related issues such as superficial or deep skin thrombophlebitis, leech therapy is the most effective way to solve these symptoms.

leeches after the therapy

Any blood clot related issues such as micro-surgery related replantation, a medical leech therapy is also one of the most effective methods to rebuild the injured tissues or body parts. The definition of replantation according to the American Society of Surgery of the Hand refers to the reattachment of a cut-off finger, hand or arm from a person’s body. Some other parts of the body such as toes, feet, legs or even penis can also be reattached and be healed by applying the medical leech therapy to remove blood clots and to rebuild that injured tissues. If you will need such service, please contact us for a private consultation.

AcutomologyA Special Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Nine Needles

Long ago in China, acupuncturists are considered as general medical practitioners as well as surgeons. There is a basic 9 needles set for various acupuncture treatments from regulating your internal meridians to removing pus or inflammation on skin.

One acupuncture treatment is called acutomology which is by using one of the acupuncture needles to resolve deep rooted muscular-skeletal pains or injuries. This application has been widely applied and accepted nowadays in China as well as 15 countries worldwide. And it is considered as a safe method to eliminate deep rooted pains.

If you have muscular-skeletal related old injury or deep rooted pain that is not easy to handle, please visit us for a private consultation.

Herbal Facial Mask Therapy

In Chinese medical history, herbal facial therapy started to gain its popularity in Jin(晋) dynasty (317 A.D.) A famous doctor Hong Ge (葛洪,283-363 A.D.) wrote a book “Ready to Use Formula(肘后方)” in which herbal facial powder for facial rejuvenation had been described in details.

In Tang dynasty (620-907 A.D.,) herbal formulas for bath or herbal powder for facial rejuvenation had been well developed, more than 200 formulas had been collected in the book of “Wai Tai Mi Yao (外台秘要),” and herbal prescriptions or herbal forms for beautification and rejuvenation were even more popular among ladies.

after therapy, an instant effect showing a vivid skin with lighter brown spots
before facial mask therapy, the face is dull with darker brown spots

Till Qin dynasty (1645-1912 A.D.,) in the book of “Golden Mirror of Medical Resources – External Methods (醫宗金鉴—外科心法),” the methods and applications of beautification and facial rejuvenation have been well documented.

Chinese has long history of very sophisticated herbal formulas for facial beautification and rejuvenation, and the purposes of such applications are not only for beautification but also for medical treatment purposes.

At AHh Clinic, we offer our clients a very traditional method by applying tested and clinical proven effective herbal formulas plus other natural products to help you rejuvenate your face and keep the result for a longer term.

Come and book an appointment to see the instant differences of your appearance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

At AHh Clinic, we are committed to provide the best alternative medicines and treatment to give you a perfect holistic health. Other than healthy diets and exercises, how to rejuvenate our body has been a hot topic in Western medical research as well as in Chinese medicines. If you have reached 50 plus and have tried various ways to rejuvenate yourself yet with less success, our solution may become your hope. Vitality and rejuvenation are one of our main practices and we have very successful experiences of handling these issues. If you will be interested in such topic, you are welcome to give us a call. Join now to see the results yourself.

Other Special Offers:
Quit smoking (4 sessions; 20 minutes/session)
Weight loss (4 sessions; 30 minutes/session)
Allergies/sinusitis (4 sessions; 30 minutes/session)
Facial lift (6 sessions; 30 minutes/session)
Acupuncture for pets (home service only; trip charge + service charge)

Other services:
Hormonal Imbalance:Irregular menstruation, PMS, menopause, male vitality.
Pain management:Tension headache, migraine, neck/shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatic, knee pain, heel pain, tennis elbow, sport/trauma injury.
Gastro and intestinal disorders:IBS, diverticulitis, diarrhea, constipation.
Respiratory disorders:Common cold, Flu, sinusitis, allergies.
Circulatory disorders:HBP, palpitation, thrombophlebitis.
Neurological disorders:TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, stroke/post-stroke neuropathy.
Emotional disorders: Anxiety, depression, insomnia.
Herbal consultation and prescriptions: (consultation + cost of herbs & shipping)

Services for work, auto injuries, and sport injuries are also provided. If you have questions, please feel free to call us or send us a comment, we will answer your question shortly.